Bible reading resources

In Psalm 1:2, a blessed man is described as someone who “delights” and “meditates” on God’s Law. This is a person who finds joy in audibly recalling/ thinking deeply/ memorizing God’s Word. Similarly, James 1:25 explains that a person is blessed if they look intently into God’s “perfect law” (the Old and New Testament) and becomes a hearer and doer of it. Consequently, to live the Christian life, a life deemed “blessed” by God or “known” by God (Ps. 1:6), you will need to take seriously the reading, hearing, memorizing and applying of the Bible in your life.
On this page, we would like to make available various Bible reading plans and useful websites that might aid you as you begin to get to know God’s Word personally.
Here are some Bible Reading Plans that you could download and use…