Mercy Ministries

At Christ Church Waterfall we seek to honour Christ in several ways. We are a first and foremost a local body of believers who come together to hear from the Bible (which, we believe, is God speaking to us), to encourage and challenge one another to keep living as Christians and to respond to God’s mercy by serving others. As such, this is a place where people can find meaning for life, healing of mind and spirit resulting in a hope for life that is found nowhere else.

We discover that this hope pushes us to impact our world and this takes place on a national scale by supporting outreach and service efforts across the country and internationally. On a local scale we endeavour to make an impact on our community as we reach out to young and old with the message of the gospel in practical ways.

These are existing opportunities for people of like mind and faith to show the world what it means to be a Christian.

  • Pastoral Visits

In this ministry we seek to show forth the love and compassion of Jesus by visiting those who might be sad, ill, lonely or just going through a bad time

  • Meals On Wheels

Meals are arranged for those who have a particular need eg: struggling financially, ill or just battling to prepare their own meals due to a temporary stressful situation.

  • Woolworths Food

These donations are collected each Saturday and distributed to those in need at the church.

  • Retired Folks Fellowship (SHARPS –┬áSincerely Happy And Retired Persons)

This is an opportunity to get together at the church each month. There’s tea/coffee and eats. Often, there’s a speaker. Watch the church bulletin for dates.

  • Hillcrest Hospital

A group of people go to the hospital on the first Sunday of every month to share the word of God, to sing and to encourage the patients there.

  • Waterfall Gardens

We hold a service on the 2nd Friday of each month for the residents. This takes place in the dining hall. All are welcome – whether a resident or not.